A new school year and a new Art teacher

Three weeks to the start of school, I committed to take on a mammoth task. In the deep I jumped to teach art from Kindergarten 1 to Senior 4, a whopping twelve classes in total.

To know each and every student from inside out was the feat at hand. To this end, a strategy of engagement quickly became my action plan. Despite numerous challenges, such as too small a space and insufficient time for classes, nonetheless, their success was my only mission.

Now in full gear, with all hands on deck, Term 2 had them all preparing for our school’s annual exhibition. Entrusted with the charge to lead, Senior 4’s theme selection “SPACE” charted the way for both juniors and seniors. By no means coincidental, “SPACE”, also as an integral element of Art, was the constant topic of our discussions. Little did our students know that their exploration of “positive and negative space”, would unleash an ocean of their phenomenal talent. I watched students grow leaps and bounds in confidence and artistic expression, transforming the art room into their creative haven to produce an amazing body of work that spoke to their solid grasp of the topic.

End of the 2018-2019 School Year

t is our intention to channel customized education in alignment with the National Standard Curriculum, to students in our care here at Heinz Simonitsch School and to cater to an activity oriented curriculum in which every student is able to blossom into a complete and well balanced individual, physically, socially and mentally. In so doing, we ensure that our students are exposed to a variety of activities through, play-way methods, staged presentations, academic and sporting competitions in order to help them gain confidence, acquire quality of discipline, a sense of belonging, responsibility and oneness, thus giving each child the full scope to develop existing talents and to acquire a host of new learning skills.

The Football Report By Matthew McInnis

Football is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two team of eleven players. The popularity of this sport results in 250 million players worldwide including stars of the Heinz Simonitsch School. The captain of the ship with our system who runs the training, tryouts and games is the great Christopher Johnson a man born with a natural love and talent for football. The department is headed by the senior teacher who coordinates all sports related activities Seňor Kevon Johnson.